Corporate Mission & Vision

Our mission is delivering high technology to all sections and establishing solution partner network in Turkey and all over the world to serve and support our customers the best.

Our vision is being the pioneer of high technology in Turkey and saying “We are here” to world by assigning “There may not be any place where human and humanity are not valuable” sentence as our principle.

The Visions Were Determined In 1995

The Vision of 2000; Completed

  • Establishing AKINSOFT İstanbul Regional Directorate,
  • Buying a car,
  • Realizing the first visit of solution partner network,
  • Focusing on software instead of hardware and software.

The Vision of 2005; Completed

  • Being the highest tax payer in Konya,
  • Reaching the potential of employing 300 people,
  • Laying the base of foreign trade,
  • Being the pioneer of software in Turkey.

The Vision of 2010; Completed

  • Starting R&D works regarding robotic technologies,
  • Opening AKINSOFT İstanbul Plaza,
(We achieved the targets of starting R&D works regarding robotic technologies and opening AKINSOFT İstanbul Plaza one year ago of the expected time which is 2010. We started to be act on mdeia sector by publishing INOVAX magazine in 2009 also.);

Our company which is planning to actualize Satellite City Project by making these targets real aims to increase the staff number to 30.000 and be the pioneer of software in the world.

The Vision of 2015; Completed

  • Starting serial production of the robotic technologies that are designed with artificial intelligence to make people’s life easy.

Vision 2023; (We kept it as secret because if we explained it, the balances would be broken… We explained it at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Robotic Factories in December 26, 2015);

  • Establishing R&D Center of Space Technologies,
  • Establishing AKINSOFT High Technology University.

Consequently, we made vision of 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015 real successfully. We stood behind all our words. The works that we did from 1995 until this day and the plans that we realized show that we will achieve our Vision 2023.

We do not dream, but plan…