Literary Writing

  • Courage is the biggest buckler
    Ask your heart not to your logic
    I know
    Your wounds are scabbing
    Now don’t postpone anymore
    The moment turns a memory
    Tomorrow turns toı yesterday
    The greatest bluff
    The moment outgoing from you!
  • We are in the flower season
    In this season, our hill was smelling like the evening delight
    Now I can not get the same smell
    And also we were playing some funny little games,
    Now I miss them the most
    My upper adrenal glands work less
    They do not give me the warmth in my heart anymore I did not carry a spare battery today, just to cut of communicate
    Also the elevator is broken And I can not smile like in old times
    No further changes I
    Everything is the same, or I’m looking at everything same
    Does a human you like a whole world just because you are in it
    We are in the flower season
    In this season our hills was smelling like you.
  • Today was a really beautiful day.
    The rain was falling so beautiful for the first time.
    It was like tears of happiness, not crying.
    This was the first time I’ve checked notifications, messages, maills that less.
    I had the best messages in my mind …
    And I’ve looked the mirror that good for the first time in a long time.
    Spring came my eyes 5 days ago.
    The thing that controlled the time was playing with my thoughts.
    I just wrote those lines as keeping half an eye on the clock, only to write the date of today.
    Today was a really beautiful day.
    And when tomorrow will be today, yesterday will be the best day in my mind.
  • Babies are born wise … When they are born, they know everything except communication, they forget what they know in time when learning how to communicate with other people… So if one day, if you fall in a vacancy, an absence, a helplessness, look at the eyes of a baby or a child. He will show you the truth…
  • And the sky is darkened, the forests begin to scream, the sea gushes, that night everything is in the rebellion… The night is not good just because she did not say good night…
  • She laughed, He smiled. At that time a time problem occured. Either life was slow or she was fast…
  • Now if I go to far,
    Maybe my power is not enough to come back.
    Maybe I’m already away
    I must go tha place that I will not have to come back..
  • Sometimes you just stare the balance of life. The flow works so well that it is the best not to intervene at all. When you think well, you will always see you live what you deserve!
  • She’s the love; rustic, combative, impetuous maybe mad, but hearted, pure, noble and loyal…
  • Think of me like this guy,
    Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes sad, sometimes happy…
    Think of me like this guy,
    Say, this guy lives in a dream world!
    In search of the world in impossibilities …
    Say, this guy is a clown! She does not know what he’s doing…
    But know that this man is brave, hearted, emotional…
    Say, this guy does not even know where he’s going!
    But don’t say he is stony hearted, loveless, hopeless…
  • I’m not allowed to talk now, Though I wanted to tell you somethings, My heart is broken, my love is lost… In short, my pen is broken now…
  • Now I think of being without you, and it will take away a lot of things from me. Maybe I’ll talk to a lot of rostrums again. I will sign many successes. But one of my side will always be missing. Again, as in the old photographs, my head will always be inclined through the empty you left. I’ll be afraid of going to places I went with you, maybe those places will be taboo. I will be at the internetwork again, but it is no longer a sea, but a desert that you are not. I found myself in the songs you sent me. Now I wonder are you still gonna listen to those songs? When you touched my shoulder, my shoulder, my whole body becomes you … Now I do not feel any parts of me. I kiss the little sea shell you left me every night, every morning, even now, wet with tears. You said, “Hide in a nice place.” I can not find a place to put it. It is so beautiful that no place is for it … I am dealing with a lot of things in life, but you know nothing has taste without you … I do not stop crying when taking pictures. WhenI look at the gulls, and I remember you saying, “That is enough let’s not take photo of birds anymore, we have many birds” and I do not take them. Maybe you never came to me, maybe there is no such thing as you, it hurts me, were not you really exist? That is ok, I still think about the days I spent with you, when I falling asleep. I will miss even the nightmares I see at the nights. Because you were with me. You were the only one I wanted to talk till I was breathless, you were the only one I wanted to sing until I got hoarse, I can not even ask how you are anymore. Now who my heart loves, I’ve cried for you for 4 years, I thought you would never come again … If you will leave again why did you come back! Now, if you are not with me, nothing will make sense anymore. But, please come now… Come and end this suffering!
  • What women want? I read many articles that started with this sentence. They specify many articles, and say they do not know what they want… I want to explain; ‘What women want?’ Women want very little, clear, only one thing… It may be difficult for you, but women want a man with them… In shortly they want a man who accepts her as an individual, respects her, comes her with his heart like a gentleman. If we can not give it to them, we should look ourselves to blame… Ha! And no need for resplendent things, give them a pinch of daisy … Then they’ll give you the world, the beautiful world you have not seen until today…
  • What do men want? I have not read many articles that started this way but I also want to explain it to you … I think men want a woman that will manage themselves, man is dominant in life .. And always wants to manage, accepts being managed by one person and suppresses to be managed. They are unable to even bring it to themselves… So they want obedient woman in their lives. Ironically, the women who say “how you wish” make all the things they want their men to do and this makes women happy. Seing a happy woman with them, mostly makes man happy.
  • If I see a little candle light, if I know that it will not come out .. If I knew it will not be extinguished … Would I be in a hurry … Would not I live you until satiated.