AKINSOFT Chairman of the Board Özgür AKIN, at Harran University!

AKINSOFT is the founder of AKINSOFT, one of the leading companies in the field with his works done on behalf of information and high technology. Özgür AKIN participated in the Career Day activities of the universities with the importance of giving education and training. Dr. In this context, Özgür AKIN met students at the activity of “Utopia Tissue!” Organized by Harran University Informatics Community. Following the pleasant event, Dr. Özgür AKIN, AKINSOFT visited Şanlıurfa Museum, Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum and Balıklı Lake together with Şanlıurfa Solution Partners. After a short tour of the city, AKIN ended the trip with a partnership dinner and a local and pleasant dinner specific to Şanlıurfa.