Humanoid Robot Waitress ADA

Turkey’s first robotic application center Cadde Meram Cafe and Robotic Application Center opened it gates at 26 March 2015 with Waitress Robot “ADA” which has already started to serve its guests in the center.

“What these robots going to do?” is the most frequently asked question about the humanistic robot studies. As the answer of these questions Waitress ADA had a great intention from the guests and attract a big crowd to the Cadde Meram Cafe and Robotic Application Center.Waitress ADA with a height of 150 cm and weight of 36 kg has started to serve food and drinks under the curious looks of the guests as the only example of its kind in Turkey.

Akınsoft brought a new perspective to the studies in the Robotic Technologies field and Akınsoft wants to start the mass production of the humanistic robots by 2015.

Robotic Technologies started to be in every sector day by day. Robotic technologies have a potential of being possibly used in any sector include Shopping Malls, Mining, Airports and many more. The main goal of the usage of these robots are not to replace the humans but the reduce the workload. Humanistic robots will increase the value of humans, will increase the productivity and quality of the production and bring a more healty social life to the population.

Akınsoft will be working hard to produce the best in the technology field as it was the past. Main goal of the Akınsoft is bringing a bright future to next generations with technology for an easy and healty growth.