Personal Mission & Vision

According to my professional experience gained for years, while the high-end countries breaks through, other countries out of technology has been obliged to live under the shadows of progressive ones. In the belief that this situation should be changed, I have rendered service to technology in my country. Nowadays governing the society means managing the information, however that’s only possible with technology.

The age we live in is Informatics, thus the only key for global competitive power is technology. Determinants for getting slice of the global financial pie are having the supremacy in science and technology and the investment for researches and developments.The key indicator of today’s world is the fact that full independence cannot come into existence without technological independence. I have committed myself on retrieving my country from technological dependency. That is the duty towards my country and the great mission of mine.

“Live straight ; your dreams become plan, plans come true.”

As the saying goes; human lives as long as imagines. Strongly agree that human can just actualize something that imagined.
With the purpose of making my dreams come true, considered some actions as an obligatory. I know that those could be realized with the public support.

  • Establishing Science and Technology Ministry
  • Invigorating the economy with technological investment, solving social problems with economic development
  • Creating employment by force of income from technological investment
  • Becoming the technology exporter, not the importer.

“Turkey, the country of technology; Konya, the capital of technology…”