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Ozgur AKIN, PhD

Ozgur AKIN, PhD

AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS Chairman of Executive Board Özgür AKIN; established AKINSOFT in April 12, 1995. He corporated AKINSOFT in December 4, 1996 and gived this...

Special Articles of Özgür AKIN for INOVAX

INOVAX Issue 38: End and Victory of Humanity: Artificial Intelligence INOVAX Issue 37: We State National Technology! INOVAX Issue 36: Journey of Technological Transformation! INOVAX Issue 35: Touch Your Utopia! Succeed...

Digital Transformation

  DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PLATFORM We provide full support to digital transformation as AKINSOFT- AKINROBOTICS AKINROBOTICS TECHNIC TOUR AKINROBOTICS, the first humanoid robot factory of the world, invites the...

Ozgur Akin Quotes

First of all, don’t try to do the most excellent… Do the best that you can do in a minumum time to worth...