AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS Chairman of the Board Dr. Ozgur AKIN;

He founded AKINSOFT on April 12, 1995. He graduated from Selcuk University with a degree in Computer Engineering, completed master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and doctoral degree in Robotics Technologies at the Institute of Science. He made AKINSOFT one of the biggest software companies of Turkey through over 120 commercial and sectoral programs he developed, especially ERP E-Business software, exporting softwares supported in 7 different languages to 28 different countries. In 2009, he started R&D works on humanoid robots with the robotics department he established as a part of AKINSOFT. He blazed a trail developing the Turkey’s first humanoid robot prototype 2-legged AKINCI series, agricultural robots PNCR series, service robots ADA series, hostess series Mini ADA and field robot ARAT series. Moreover, he opened Cadde Meram Cafe & Robotics Application Center which the first cafe of Turkey that the humanoid robots serve at. In 2014-2015 academic year; he gave lectures as an academician in Mechatronics Engineering at Karatay University Engineering Faculty. He achieved another international success by laying the foundations of AKINROBOTICS, ”The World’s First Humanoid Robots Factory”, in 2015 and opening it in 2017 for mass production of the prototypes he developed. Alongside his scientist personality, Dr. Ozgur AKIN who is well known with his hobbies such as photography, skiing, sailing and poetry and his strong social skills, keeps working with the purpose of serving humanity and science.

  • Doctorate (2010 – 2013) : Selcuk University Institute of Science, Robotics Technologies
  • Thesis Topic : ”Research on Increasing Sugar Beet Sowing Quality With Robotic Applications” AS-PNCR Agricultural Robot
  • Msc (2004 – 2006) : Selcuk University Institute of Science, Industrial Engineering
  • Thesis Topic : “WOLVOX ERP E-Business Software”
  • Undergraduate (1998 – 2002) : Selcuk University Faculty of Engineering, Computer Engineering
  • Undergraduate (1994 – 1998) : Anadolu University Faculty of Management, Management and Organization
  • Associate’s Degree (1992 – 1994) : Ege University Computer Programming
  • High School (1989 – 1992) : Konya Fatih Technical High School
  • Founded AKINSOFT (12 April 1995)
  • Incorporated AKINSOFT and announced this special date as ”World Information Technology Day”. (4 December 1996)
  • akinsoft.net Dealer Performance Management System
  • Wolvox ERP E-Business Software (2004)
  • Commercial and Sectoral Softwares
  • Started R&D Works on Robotics Technologies. (2009)
  • AKINCI-P Humanoid Robot Project Prototype (2010)
  • AKINCI-1 Humanoid Robot Project 1st Prototype (2011)
  • AS-PNCR-1 Agricultural Robot Project 1st Prototype (2011)
  • AS-PNCR-2 Agricultural Robot Project 2nd Prototype (2012)
  • AKINCI-2 Humanoid Robot Project 2nd Prototype (2013)
  • AKINOID-3 (AKINCI-3) Humanoid Robot Project 3rd Prototype (2013)
  • Layed the foundations of the World’s First Humanoid Robot Factory AKINROBOTICS (2015)
  • WAITRESS ROBOT ADA Humanoid Robot Waitress Project 3rd Prototype (2015)
  • ROBOT HOSTESS ADA Humanoid Robot Hostess Project (2015)
  • Opened the World’s First Humanoid Robot Factory AKINROBOTICS (2017)
  • ROBOT ADA GH5 Humanoid Hybrid Robot Project (2017)
  • ROBOT ADA GH6 Humanoid Hybrid Robot Project (2018)
  • MINI ADA Humanoid Hybrid Robot Project (2018)
  • AKINCI-4 Humanoid Robot Project (2018)
  • ARAT 4-Legged Robot Project (2018 – Test Phase)
AKINSOFT Turkey’s domestic software company with the archive of over 120 programs and more than 2000 Solution Partners in 28 countries (06.04.2017) www.akinsoft.com.tr
AKINROBOTICS The World’s First Humanoid Robot Factory www.akinrobotics.com
AKINOID Turkey’s Shopping Website Full of Information www.akinoid.com
INOVAX Science and Technology Magazine www.inovax.net
OCTOPLUS Multiuser Accounting Automation For All Business Organizations www.akinsoft.net
CAFEPLUS Filter Internet Web Filtering Program www.cafeplus.com.tr
DAPROX Web Based Programming System www.daprox.com
WOLVOX ERP E-Business Enterprise Resource Planning System www.wolvox.com
REZZTA The Easiest Way of Ordering Food Online www.rezzta.com
CADDE MERAM Cafe & Robotics Application Center offering fun service by Robot Waitress ADAs www.caddemeram.com

  • English (Advanced)
  • Spanish (Beginner)

  • 26.08.2009 – AKINROBOTICS Founder and Chairman of the Board
  • 12.04.1995 – AKINSOFT Founder and Chairman of the Board


High Technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Humanoid Robots

Association Memberships
  • TOBB Turkey Software Council Member (September 2010 – Present)
  • KOBID Member (1998 – Present )
  • Konya Chamber of Commerce Council Member – 55th Professional Commitee Information Communication Media Broadcast Services (January 2009 – Present)
  • Konyaspor Member of Board Deputy Chairman R&D and Institutionalizing Manager (October 2011 – 2012)
  • TOBB YOIKK Employement Working Team Member (December 2010 – 2012)


Alongside his scientific works, Dr. Ozgur AKIN who is known with his strong social skills, has hobbies such as photography, poetry, playing instruments, mountaineering, skiing, sailing, tennis, horse riding, diving and motor sports.


Since the day he founded AKINSOFT, he has been realising all the visions and aims at establishing Space Technologies R&D Base and AKINSOFT High Technology Institute with his 2023 vision.

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AKINSOFT Headquarters

Istanbul Yolu, AKINSOFT Plaza No:103 42070 Selcuklu – Konya / TURKEY

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AKINSOFT Istanbul Regional Directorate

Gumus Pala Mah. E-5 Yan yol No:194 Avcilar – Istanbul / TURKEY

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AKINROBOTICS Humanoid Robot Factory

Basak Mahallesi, Eregli Caddesi No:116 Karatay – KONYA / TURKEY


+90 332 261 18 00
+90 332 261 17 77
Assistant asistan@akinsoft.com.tr
Corporate Communication kurumsaliletisim@akinsoft.com.tr
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